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So is it just a tent?

Absolutely not - every one of our structures has been custom designed and engineered to make the best possible performance space with audiance and performer comfort the #1 priority. Our structures can offer you everything from an in-the-round space thru Shakespearean Playhouse and right up to a conventional Proscenium Theatre complete with flying! We like to think of them as breathtakingly beautiful buildings that just happen to be portable.

What does it look like?

All 7 of our structures share the same external colour scheme and have the same iconic shape; giving you unparalleled flexibility to choose the venue that’s the perfect size for your event (and scale up or down) without compromising the look of your event. The clean, iconic sweeping lines and pearl-white exterior (brilliant for projecting on to) are the defining features that really make our temporary theatres stand out from the crowd.

Won't it be too Hot / Cold / Wet?

Absolutely not, every one of our structures has been designed with comfort in mind; they can be warm and inviting in the winter, cool and fresh in the summer. With tensile roofs made from Ferrari fabrics designed to withstand 65mph storms your audience is going to be safe and comfortable inside no matter what the weather.