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We are often asked why a "Theatre Tent" is different to a circus tent or one of those "shed" A-frame marques; after all a tent is a tent is a tent right?


If only that was true we would save a fortune - a new Theatre Tent costs around 10 times as much to design and build but there are so many unique and special features built in to a theatre tent (every one of which has been designed to save YOU time and money) that there's just no comparison.



Every one of our tents is an architect designed tensile structure with a beautiful eye-catching siloutte, finished in a shimmering white and designed to look beautiful from every direction. When you're presenting performances by the RSC or an exciting new opera you want it to take place in the finest structure possible packed with features you need, not an old, soul-less canvas tent covered in cartoon stars that smells of mud!


Each of our structures is packed full of rigging points in just the right places (and to all the right loading capacities) for theatre so you'll never have a problem fitting your show in; there's more than 10 tonnes of rigging capacity in our MAMA class tents alone! Every one of our structures is made from the finest heavy-duty tensile fabric that's 99% blackout (circus tents and wedding marquees are absolutely NOT suitable for blackouts) and completely weather-proof meaning your audiance and equipment are safe and dry inside enjoying the performance regardless of the weather conditions outside. Our structures are typically designed to remain stable and secure in 60mph winds, under 6inches of snow and in the strongest of rainstorms - in all our years of operation we have NEVER had a structure compromised by the weather even when other structures around us have had to be closed!


We have our own, proprietary seating system; a unique curved seating system that is designed to fit perfectly in to our structures producing the largest number of usable seats by maximising every inch of available space without ever compromising audiance safety and comfort. We've even designed our seating so that the aisles line up with any restricted viewpoints and all the corridors and exits are under the main seating so that you have the largest possible number of #1 view seats whilst any latecomers can enter the auditorium without interrupting the view of the rest of the audiance. With a wide range of seating options available (from wooden benches, through stadium seats, padded luxury theatre seats and even cabaret tables) our seating systems are designed to offer the standards and sightlines you'd find in the finest theatres!


Our staff and crews are highly experienced Theatre-Tent workers with every one of them understanding the unique requirements and needs of a Theatre tent. With an instinctive knowledge of how to deliver the best possible theatrical experiance our staff speak your (theatrical) language and can provide you with the information and support you need to deliver a memorable theatrical event. From understanding theatre terminology to carrying the tools and resources we know will help make your production run smoothly you can count on us to go that extra mile and help ensure that you get the service and support you just won't get from other tent suppliers.