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Our compact adaptable venue designed to fit in locations no other structure can fit in but that doesn't compromise - packed with all the facilities and benefits you find in our other structures the Lyric is designed for more intimate performances and locations.

Sometimes you just need a really big venue to make a really big statement about your show - the Palladium class is our largest ever structure designed for touring yet achieves the intimacy and connection between performers and audiences our venues are famous for. Capable of hosting the biggest productions and packed full of time saving features the Palladium is without doubt the greatest and grandest Theatre Tent class in the world.

A revolution in Theatre-Tent and “big top” technology, the new Coliseum Class of structure is the worlds first CDM compliant Tensile structure that is packed with innovative technical advances and design features that save time and money. Incorporating more than 20 years development and experience in Theatre-Tent’s the new Coliseum class of structure incorporates the best features and innovations to make a user-friendly, practical and awe-inspiring home for your next performance.