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We create exciting, innovative yet practical and (most importantly) cost-effective temporary performance venues - whether you need 200 seat venue for a weekend or a 3000 capacity venue for a year our skilled team of experts have the knowledge & experience to help create the perfect venue to support your show.


The Theatre Tent - Your home from home

Just because it’s a temporary venue it does not mean that you have to compromise - Designed to offer the very best facilities and resources possible these stunning, architect designed venue creates an impressive and iconic performance space that settles for nothing less than the very best.

There’s seats that have perfect, un-obstructed views of the stage in an amazing auditorium that feels intimate and luxurious without ever compromising audience comfort with all the facilities you could ever need. With room for a full height flytower, massive wing-space and rigging points right where you need them the technical set-up is unbeatable and designed from the ground up to make show installation and operation as easy and hassle free as possible. We can even provide en-suit dressing rooms and all the backstage production facilities you could possibly need all connected to the main structure.


We can help you save time and money!

Designed to bring a world class performance venue to impossible locations the Theatre Tent is the perfect venue for your next event creating a memorable, eye catching and highly marketable venue that can form the hub of your festival There’s Grandstand modular seating for 150-3000 people with perfect views of the stage and not a bad seat in the house. Split into distinct blocks the auditorium can be masked off in minutes to create the perfect sized venue for each performance. With a large stage area with plenty of rigging points and perfect sight-lines it’s suitable for everything from stand-up comedy to circus, drama, Shakespeare and slapstick.

Completely weatherproof structure that offers full black-out facilities with curtains, wings and everything else you could possibly need in a theatre all in one compact venue. 


With one of our iconic temporary theatres, you CAN

Over the years our structures have been used as temporary homes for everything from one night events to Thirteen Seasons of performance whilst existing venues were being rebuilt or simply couldn't cope with the shows technical demands. From the Royal Ballet to Stand up Comedy, the National Theatre to Pantomime our structures have proven time and again their flexibility and versatility as venues that artists and audiences love!