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Our management team have been working with temporary Theatre, Cinema, Circus and Performance spaces for over ten years; Our Structure teams (who rig and manage our theatre structures) include world class riggers, roustabouts and members of some of the oldest and most respected Circus family in the world.

Every member of our team has a deep seated love of live entertainment, this job and the structures we use - you can be sure that there's no finer group you could possibly wish to have working on your project. We share your passion and will use our wealth of experience to help turn your vision into a successful event that delivers a slick professional experience for the audience that they will never forget!

We're able to provide you with everything from a simple structure rental through to the staffing and co-ordination of a full tour. Through our network of associates we can even offer you experienced producers and legal teams to manage every aspect of your event from the licensing permissions right down to the stage crew & someone to sell the ice-creams!

You've made a fine choice in deciding to use one of our Touring Theatre structures for your show and we're all ready to give you a quote, there are just a few things we need to know from you. Remember that the more specific you can be the more accurate our quote is.

We need to know-

Who You Are

What the Event/Show is

What audience capacity you need

What stage format you want

What level of service (from structure only right up to full management)

Dates (for the event, don't go sending us dried fruit!)

Location (where you actually want the structure, not where you are right now)

Any other information or requests you might think are relevant

Take all this information, put it in an email and send it to us by clicking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - once we've received it we'll work out the best combination of resources and get back to you with an overview and solutions for your needs. The quickest way to get an answer to technical questions, availability and quotation requests is to use our online resources.